Monday, July 13, 2015


Ernie Dingle had a fabulous weekend at Sue's Opalescence workshop.
Fabric painting, lace painting, vliesofix painting (yes, vliesofix - it's amazing the effects that can be obtained of you peeloff the painted glue side and iron it on your fabric....), gauze painting, Tyvek play ..... the list goes on!
We played with stencils and stamps.
X-rays were put to great use with Sue's magic cutting machine - it was a bit off-putting to see someone's skeleton on the stencil!

Ernie tried his hand at sewing - poor little bear - he had trouble reaching the foot pedal!

More shots of our experimenting.......

This one will have a mirror placed in the hole eventually.
And couching.....
Now to do more "playing" and maybe a work of art will emerge!
P.S. Off to the quilt and Craft show in a couple of weeks to see if I can "find" anything to add to the quilt!

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Karen S said...

This looks like an amazing workshop. Love the effects you have created on the fabrics.