Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chocolate Fix

Ernie went to the Quilt show in Melbourne last week and bought home all this bling! More good "stuff", he said. Now he wants me to find a spot for it in my studio! Such a demanding little bear!
I found him with Mr. Big, attempting to fit a block of chocolate in the tin. It wouldn't fit. Their solution? Why to eat some of course!
Here in Victoria, even though it's Winter, we have been having colder than usual weather. Ernie and Mr. Big have decided that despite the fact that they have fur, they are cold little bears.
Their solution? Read their favourite bedtime story then snuggle down under the doona and listen to the rain on the roof.
Nighty night!
P.S. Ernie and Mr. Big have been helping me to quilt a new version of "Christmas Song". Pics coming soon.

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