Monday, August 18, 2014

Ernie Dingle at Workshop

Ernie and I had a wonderful day at The Patchwork Tea House last Saturday, with a group of lovely ladies from a quilting group from Sunbury. First item on the agenda was morning tea - Gary's scones with home made jam and cream! We needed a nap after that.
Ernie watched intently while I took the ladies through a workshop of needleturn applique, blanketstitch applique, backstitch, satin stitch and several other tips to improve their sewing techniques.
I think he was a little nervous while the iron was on.
Here are some of the ladies at work ...... I think they're working ...... there was so much chatting and laughter that I wonder how much actual stitching happened!
It was a busy but very satisfying day, with a very appreciative workshop group.
P.S. Hope to see you all at The Patchwork Tea House again soon girls!


We have been busy travelling .... to the regional CraftAlive Shows. 
So far this year Teddlywinks has been to Wodonga, Bendigo, Wagga Wagga and Warrnambool.
These are a few shots of our display - it was great to meet our country customers and put a face to a name!

Ernie Dingle was, as usual, in his prime position to see all that was going on, and to make sure everything ran smoothly. Quite the little foreman!

He was also on hand to sign autographs for the littlies. We think he's getting a big head.
His girlfriend, Patches, came back to the motel with us and had a sleepover, but there was more jumping on the bed than sleeping!
We will be at the Pakenham CraftAlive on 11th and 12th October. Ernie is so tuckered out, he has been sleeping all the way to and from the shows, under Himself's hat in the back of the car!
More news soon,
P.S. Have a look at Ernie's facebook page and see what he has been getting up to! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ernie has a Man Cold

Ernie has a man cold. Say no more.
This is Watbag's little horsey - he is saying a very tentative "hello", but Watbag won't let go of Alan's arm - he's a scaredy cat!
I mean, he's only a little horsey, isn't he?