Monday, July 21, 2014

Ernie Dingle CEO

Meet Ernie Dingle, Bear About Town. He has been appointed CEO of Teddlywinks (in actual fact, he was the only applicant).
I'm sure he will cope with his many tasks - office manager, secretary, stock control, marketing manager, switchboard operator, orders, dispatch, cleaner, tea bear - he was heard to mutter that "Herself is a bit of a muppet about most of this and Himself isn't much better".
Here he is, caught by the camera, taking his job very seriously, with his favourite Beatles pen and a glass of port.
I'm sure he will excel at his new position.
(I wonder if he realizes that its stocktake time.......!?!)

I had a Watbag update from Echuca - here it is! (For those of you who don't know Watbag, read some of my previous posts from last year and you will find out all about our rascally whiskered little friend.)

Watbag's (Mis)Adventure
Watbag was sitting on his rug in his chair lightly dozing, and listening to the grown ups talking about the little horse that has come for a visit. Mum is a bit annoyed that the person who owns him has not been near him since he came a month ago, and is wondering if he will ever go to his new home.
Watbag thought he should go and check out this intruder, so he waited until the coast was clear, and then he sneaked out to the orchard where the little white horse is. He scrambled awkwardly up onto the fence post to get a better look. Horse noticed this activity and decided he too needed to check out this little creature. Horse is always looking for something edible, and he thought this might just be some kind of horsey treat. He came up to the fence quickly, and Watbag got very scared. So scared, he fell off the fence, straight into .......... a pile of horse manure. Very fresh horse manure.
“Aaaawww. What am I going to do?”  Watbag thought. “I can’t go back inside like this, Mum will kill me.” So he thought he would just roll around in the grass and rub it all off. When he thought he had done a good job of cleaning himself off, he crept back inside to his favourite chair. His little girlfriend Tigger was sitting in the chair sunbaking through the window. Watbag climbed up onto the chair and snuggled up to her.
“Pheeeeuuuwww you stink!!! What have you been rolling in?” asked Tigger. “You had better give yourself a good wash before the grown ups smell you, or you will get thrown in the washing machine”
This posed a dilemma for Watbag, he had never washed himself before. So Tigger proceeded to demonstrate. “First you lick your paws and wash your face, and then you have to put one of your hind legs up near your ear, then you can wash the rest.” Watbag tried and tried, but he just couldn’t manage to get his legs anywhere near the right place. He is not a very flexible creature, which comes from sitting around all the time. Tigger just sat with an inscrutable look on her face, but inside she was cackling merrily. Still Watbag tried and tried to clean himself.
All of a sudden there was an almighty crash. The mother turned around to see Watbag in a pile on the floor with his blanket and cushion in a heap on top of him.
She went over to find him sitting there blinking . “What happened?” she asked. “Tigger pushed me off” said Watbag. ” 
"I don’t think she did", Mum said. "She is up on top of the cupboard asleep in her basket. I think you have had a bad dream.”
 Watbag nodded. It certainly was a bad dream, and he decided right there and then that he would not go out to see the horse. Neither was he going to get dirty so that he had to learn to wash himself.
Mum folded his blanket and put it and his cushion back on the chair, and helped him get back up. Just then Tigger woke up, had a big stretch, and jumped down to come and sit beside him.

Watbag is now very warm and cosy snuggled up to his little girlfriend, and they are both snoozing in the sun.

Bye bye for now,
P.S. I wonder what Watbag will get up to next.......?!?

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