Monday, January 27, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer is not my favourite season! I don't function in the heat. So here I am, indoors with the
air-conditioning on (it was installed two years ago and we don't know how we survived for so long without it!), blogging. One of my facebook friends sent me these two photos of teddy and doll sleeping bags - she made them using a pattern of mine, Teddy Bear Cot Quilt. Carefully personalized for the lucky children who will be receiving them. I think they are just beautiful!
Pippa, our gorgeous granddaughter, is now six months old. I made her Christmas Stocking just before Christmas - it was a bit of a rush but I managed on time. Now all the grandchildren have one.
Last week it was the Fabric Frolic, a shop hop with lots of prizes and specials. I had my own little corner of The Patchwork Tea House - a little alcove room, with a "chair in there, and a bed as well......."
There were lots of oohs and aahs from customers - it really did look good!
Fabric Frolic now finished - hope you were one of the lucky prize winners!
Stitch joyfully!
P.S. Stay cool (if you are in the antipodes. If you are in the northern hemisphere, stay warm!).