Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fabric Frolic 2014

Ernie Dingle is on his way! He's ready for the Fabric Frolic 2014 and is looking forward to seeing all his friends! They spent a happy but noisy afternoon making plans at The Patchwork Tea House.
"Where are our scones......?" could be heard from table number 9. Ernie and his "New Best Friends" were getting a little testy! Gary was slow to bring out the scones........the group were getting restless.
At last! A real Teddy Bear Tea Party.......
......but with babyccinos!
Did I tell you that Ernie has a girlfriend? Here he is with the lovely Miss R from Textile Offcuts in Lilydale, one of the shops taking part in the Fabric Frolic. (She's a bit of a hussy - don't want her taking advantage of Ernie - I'll have to watch her!)
I have designed some little stitcheries that will be given away at some of the shops involved in the frolic - go to their facebook page for more details.
P.S. What a lovely way to spend the day with friends - doing the rounds of your favourite patchwork shops!