Sunday, May 26, 2013

Snippets from A Woodland Christmas

Firstly, a fox - one of a selection of little stitchery snippets from my new design, "A Woodland Christmas" - I have used Lynette Anderson's newest Christmas range, the gorgeous "Candy Cane Angels".
A moose....
....a rabbit....
....and a hedgehog....
....and there are more to come. Raccoons, a squirrel, a snail and owls, and of course, some bears!
Here are some of the fabrics.
The pattern will be available soon - if you go to my website you can subscribe to my e-newsletter which notifies you as soon as new patterns are released.
Happy stitching!
P.S. Only two months and our newest grandchild will be born! Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sneak Preview

A quick sneak look at part of a new design, "A Woodland Christmas".
P.S. More to come!

Monday, May 13, 2013

An Update from Watbag

Hi everyone,
Let me update you on my first couple of weeks in my new home.
There are two humans here, The Mummy and The Daddy, a black cat named Sooty (although he tells me his full title is Monsieur Le Sooty Puss, and sometimes the humans call him Grumblebum. Confusing!), a little stripey cat named Miss Tigger, and an elderly black Lab named Jess (Jessie Bessie).
Sooty is the boss, and Tigger takes no notice of me, she just walks past with her tail in the air as if I’m not there. I think she really likes me. 
Jess is just Jess. She puts up with all the cat nonsense and even lets them sometimes sit on her bed with her.
They tell me my name is really Claude De Pussy but I have only ever been called Watbag, so I’m not really sure who I am.
Sooty took me on an orientation tour around and about.
We went down and sat on the gate post at the chook yard, Sooty told me not to fall off as the chooks chase cats and peck them.
You do get a good view of the fruit trees, but the chooks were lurking!
Then we looked at some other things. For instance, Dad’s car.
It’s a bit high up here, I might fall off.
Sooty says the back of Dad’s boat is a good lookout for cats.
Nice and warm out of the wind too.
I also tried to follow Mr. Sooty up onto the shed roof, but I got scared again.
Sooty says I should really be called Scaredy Cat.
I thought I might look at the trees over near the fence, but there are cattle in the next paddock, and they turned around and looked at me. So I just casually went elsewhere.
While I was heading to safety, there was a loud laughing. There was a Kooky Barrow or something sitting on the power lines having a chuckle at my expense. Then a Willy Wagtail tried to hassle me too. The wildlife is a bit scary.
So I just came inside and sat in the hall guarding the water bowl.
I can’t go anyplace else much, as the other Fur Kids have got it all staked out.
At least here I can see all the comings and goings, and it is warm and safe.
I don’t think I want to go outside again, too many things that might get me.
From your F.F. (Feline Friend)
Watbag (Claude De Pussy)
Today I saw two wedgetailed eagles. 
Sooty told me that they catch small animals and eat them for lunch! 
I think inside is a very good place to be.
Mum and Dad said that Sooty is one mean puss!