Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bears in the Woods

At last, they are available! "Bears in the Woods" - a small stitchery quilt featuring a hedgehog, squirrel, owl and a fawn, as well as my teddies!
The fabrics I have used are from Lynette Anderson's new "Wildflower Wood" range.

This next one, "Garden Rose", is a little wall hanging of a stitchery rose bush, with a dragonfly, urn and a tiny snail.
A button pack is included in the pattern, as well as the pre-printed homespun.

"My Teddy" has the pre-printed homespun in the pattern. A lovely one to hang near you "best friend"!

"A Garden's Charm" - another wall hanging pattern with a garden theme - a button pack is included in the pattern, as well as the pre-printed homespun.
Go to for all further details!

Ernie Dingle at the AQC

On the train - what an excited little bear - off to the AQC last week. It was his very first trip through the loop (underground) and was looking forward to the really long and high escalators at Parliament Station. I don't know why, I always feel as if I'm about to fall over backwards!
At the show he caught up with all his friends in the quilting business. He tried to hide in a bag on The Patchwork Tea House stand, I think he found it the perfect spot to oversee all the comings and goings! 

Did I mention that he's a fabricoholic?

Here he is with Rhonda from Blue Willow Cottage with Leanne of Petals and Patches.
And he was thrilled to catch up with Bev from Craft Cubby and Creative Applique (I went to school with Bev, and she worked with my Mum for our local doctor - but that's another story!) Bev doesn't usually look like this (with the manic grin), it was really close to opening time, we were all in a hurry to get ready, and the result is a bad photo (sorry Bev!).
He was intrigued by some of the quilts that Jennifer and Terry from Patchwork by Sea had on display - they came all the way from South Australia.
Bill from Westalee Designs with Ernie - I'm not quite sure if Bill realises that Ernie has a screwdriver, and if so, what he intends to do with it........
And Gail and Russell from Patchwork with Gail B. This was the third attempt for a photo - someone had her mouth full of chocolate (but that's ok, isn't it girls?!). Thank goodness Ernie wasn't eating - he would have spread chocolate all over the fabric! Below is their daughter Rebecca, Quilting Supermum!
We met lots of friends at the show, including Lyn and Annette from my local quilting group. They had a great time. 
I caught the train each day, and always walked from the station to the Exhibition with a group of quilters - we'd never met before, but we all knew where we were going and made friends very quickly!
Now for some news of Watbag.
I think he has met his match!
Pam and Alan sent me some photos.


"Listen Kid, I'm the Boss"

"Oh no, not another damn cat!"
I think he's realised that he's not "top cat" any more!!!
P.S. New design photos next!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Forget To Look Up

Where's Watbag? I'll be glad when he's gone - he can get up to mischief in his new home at Echuca! And the  bears can then rest easy!
Sight of the week - in a parking space at the motel in Shepparton where we stayed for the Craft Alive Show. It was there for two days.
The AQC in Melbourne, with Marilyn on The Patchwork Tea House stand, was a great success - we all had a very busy but satisfying time, and met up with many friends as well! Here's Annemarie (Eberius Designs), Lo, Gail and Lynette.
Another lovely photo - Lynette, me, Libby and Gail. We had such a good time together!
More shots of The Patchwork Tea House stand - looking fabulous! That's Lynette on the left, and Marilyn with her back to the camera
Lyn Hyland from L'il Blokes stopped by for a chat - she was enjoying herself, out for the day!
The title of this blog post is "We Forget To Look Up". The reason for this is because of the spectacular architecture and murals in The Royal Exhibition Building", next to the Melbourne Museum. It's a fabulous venue, and perfect for a quilt show!

This is the view from our stand.
Next to us was Mallee Country Crafts. Here's Sue and Darren, with Ernie Dingle who was so excited to be at the show!
Heather and Phillip from The Bay Window on Kangaroo Island were also there - once again Ernie had to be in on the action!
More news soon, I think I'll have a little nap now! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shepparton Craft Alive Show

Some quick photos of Shepparton Craft Alive - a great regional show for all the country women (and men!) who can't get to the cities, or do not have local shops where they can purchase their supplies.
This was the coffee vendor - Crank Coffee - it was GOOD coffee!
Our stand in all its glory.

Ernie disappeared during the afternoon - look where I found him!
He was also chuffed because Postman Pat was there, but quite relieved that his black and white cat wasn't to be seen! He doesn't like cats.

Back to the AQC tomorrow - another bus day!
P.S. Today Watbag went to his new home. Ernie is quite relieved!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Melbourne AQC and Watbag on the Rampage

If you are in Melbourne this weekend, come along to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton - it's the AQC (Australian Quilt Convention) which is the BEST quilt show in Australia!
The Patchwork Tea House will be there - here we are on set up day, I had to leave before we had finished, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it all this morning when I arrive bright and early!
That's Libby Richardson, Marily and Annemarie in the photo above - pretending to look busy.
We will have some stunning quilts on display - I (Teddlywinks) will be there every day, as well as Lynette Anderson, Libby Richardson, Gail Pan and Annemarie Campbell of Eberius Designs.
We will all be showing our new designs, and Gail will be signing her new Christmas book.
I will be doing Mylar demonstrations - a great way to prepare your needleturn applique.
My friends from Echuca, Pam and Alan, will be visiting, and they will be collecting Watbag. Ernie can't wait to see the last of Watbag who has been a real scallywag. I will have to put him in a bodybag to get him into the city without him causing any trouble.
Ernie, however, has had the last say - I think Watbag has learnt his lesson!
P.S. See you at the AQC!!