Friday, February 15, 2013

Miniature Quilt

A new challenge for our quilting group - a miniature quilt. We are allowed to use any technique we like, and I chose applique. It's a bear, of course!
A really tiny needle, good lighting and a steady hand. My first attempt at something so small!
Now I'm going to add little Dresden plate type corners and a border. Wish me (and my eyesight) luck!
I've had a clean up. I put all my scissors together and at last count there were 28 pair!!!!!
That's not counting the kitchen drawer, the bathroom or the shed!
My favourite pair - they are on the top of the pile with the lovely red floral handles. So smooth.......
Here is a sneak preview of a stitchery that will be available soon. The pattern will include the pre-printed homespun, and also little wooden buttons!
So keep watching and more will be revealed!
I am also working on a stitchery quilt or wall hanging that will have the buttons and pre-prints included in the pattern. This will be available in April, hopefully!
P.S. Disaster of the week! I was putting together the above stitchery, carefully slicing the edges with my rotary cutter, getting it ready for the binding to go on. Wasn't thinking and cut the floral border off a quarter of an inch out from the narrow red border!!!!!! Instead of a quarter of an inch out from the outer edge!!!!!
Thank goodness for a quick unpick!