Saturday, November 2, 2013

Watbag has a Girlfriend

I received a message from Echuca - Watbag has a girlfriend! Here's an update.
Up in the Attic Sooty tried to evict Tigger but she stood her ground and told him to "Nick off hairy legs". He plays too rough. I was asked up for a cuppa. I knew if I was the strong silent type I’d win the girl eventually.

I have a new throne. It is nice and sunny and Little Miss likes it too.
Wotcha doin'?
Ahhh!!! She loves me

You keep watch, I’ll sleep
I really hope she settles him down a bit - he has been a "bit of a lad"!!!!! Ernie Dingle wanted to know when they could get together again, but I think Watbag is a bad influence......
P.S. More news soon!

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