Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Neerim Quilt Retreat

 At last! Here are some of the quilts that were created at Neerim during that lovely weekend! The one above is part of mine - a very "Christmassy" look with lots of glitter and gold!
Below is my work area. Ernie left his mess everywhere - champagne and biscuits & cheeses are some of his favorite pre-dinner snacks. And look at his work mess!
I'm much tidier!
I do apologise for the sideways photos - I can't get my head around turning them - they end up very short and wide. But here goes!
 As you can see, the variety of colours and ideas was quite diverse.
Once again, Ernie Dingle had to stick his head in - a precocious little scamp!
 Sue's was distinctly oriental.
 Barbara's was very Australian.
Jo's was (we thought) very arctic. So a penguin was in order.
 With an umbrella.
 And a polar bear.
 Then the Titanic sank.
 And an igloo was built.......
it's a good think she has a wonderful sense of humour!
P.S. New designs next!!!!!!!!!

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