Saturday, October 12, 2013

Two New Designs

Photos of a couple of new quilts - above is "The Sewing Lesson" (or part of it), and below is "Garden Party (once again, only part of it!).
Today I am doing a sterling job of avoiding the obvious - trying to get these completed by November!
Concentration is needed because it's confusing doing two quilts and sets of instructions at the same time.
So I'm blogging instead. Of course!
And thinking about the coming retreat next weekend, with some of the quilters from my local group. Can't wait!
P.S. Patterns available soon - keep an eye on my website or faceache, whoops, facebook.
P.P.S. Back to the borders.........


TiramiSue said...

Looking forward to seeing more bits of this on Thursday. Readers of Liz's blog, you need to see just how beautiful this design is "in the flesh". Here's hoping the heart shaped cake tins make an appearance!


Joy from Bundy said...

Just adorable , cant wait to see it all completed.Well done Liz. I have just completed Sew Busy Bears and loved every minute spent stitching it and putting it all together for a friends 60th. Thank you so much ,you help me spread the Joy! ha ha. xxxx