Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Neerim Retreat

I spent a recent "longish" weekend at Neerim Country Cottages, with good friends, good food and good weather! Have a look at the view from my table! Spent most of the time gazing out the window! Even a really, really bad head cold didn't stop me from enjoying myself. I just hope I didn't pass the germs onto anyone!
The girls from Morrisons Quilting (and Ernie Dingle) were looking forward to the weekend for eleven months! And we were not disappointed!
A lovely setting.....
.....a sunny deck.....
.....and seriously good food (thanks to Tiramisue).
"Is it playlunch time yet?" asks Ernie.
Eyes out on organ stops when he saw the cheesecake.....

.....and he was fascinated with the cheeseboard set - the teddy-sized knives with their little magnetic stand.
Time to get down to some work - which fabric to choose.
I'm ready! Can I start cutting now?
P.S. Ernie will give details of the work we attempted soon!

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Raelene said...

I love spending time here. It's the best self run retreat ever :-)