Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wagga Wagga Craft Alive Show

Packing for the Wagga Wagga Craft Alive Show - Ernie is at it again, with the help of his faithful companion Mr. Bean! Two little stowaways trying to hide in the quilts suitcase!
I didn't let on that I hadn't forgotten them.
I let them worry.
But it didn't last long - here they are on the way, at the playground in Gerogery, New South Wales, having heaps of fun - it was a bit of a struggle getting them back in the car!

Two tired little bears, in the motel at Wagga, catching up on their favourite TV show - Eggheads.
Those eggheads think they know all the answers, but I think Ernie and Bean would give them a run for their money!
Thursday was the set up day - it took us longer than usual because the stand was an unusual size, but it finally took shape. That's Himself trying to look busy.
Can you see David's coffee on one of the tables below?
There's always something to "tweak" in the morning before the show opens. I always think of things to do in the middle of the night!
Friday night, after the first day of trade, saw a very bemused Ernie Dingle. He thought he was seeing things! His glass was definitely leaning towards him. No - couldn't be!
But, yes! Such a jaunty angle!
It was a great show - and we will be back next year!
P.S. Thank goodness for Enzo and his great coffee!!!!!
P.P.S. "Hoot Owls" coming soon!

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