Sunday, June 2, 2013

Drouin South 2013

OK girls! Get the specs on! Photos of Lo's Quilting Bee at Drouin South hall from last Saturday - I know, they are very miniscule - if you look closely you may find yourself!!!! The first two look to be rather squishy sideways - I wonder how that has happened?

That's Lo in the photo below - in the pink vest. Such a lovely lady - she raised $1000 for Cancer research!

David and I had a great time there - a very happy bunch of ladies - but they wanted to know when David was going to begin the Zumba class (sign on the stage in the above photo)!!!
I have more photos that will appear soon! But not of david's Zumba class - his back wouldn't take the punishment!
P.S. Ernie had a great time with his "Second Best Friend" Mr. Bean's Teddy. We all know that Gregory is his "First Best Friend". And once again, the photo is "fat". I wonder why it's doing that!

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