Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Melbourne AQC and Watbag on the Rampage

If you are in Melbourne this weekend, come along to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton - it's the AQC (Australian Quilt Convention) which is the BEST quilt show in Australia!
The Patchwork Tea House will be there - here we are on set up day, I had to leave before we had finished, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it all this morning when I arrive bright and early!
That's Libby Richardson, Marily and Annemarie in the photo above - pretending to look busy.
We will have some stunning quilts on display - I (Teddlywinks) will be there every day, as well as Lynette Anderson, Libby Richardson, Gail Pan and Annemarie Campbell of Eberius Designs.
We will all be showing our new designs, and Gail will be signing her new Christmas book.
I will be doing Mylar demonstrations - a great way to prepare your needleturn applique.
My friends from Echuca, Pam and Alan, will be visiting, and they will be collecting Watbag. Ernie can't wait to see the last of Watbag who has been a real scallywag. I will have to put him in a bodybag to get him into the city without him causing any trouble.
Ernie, however, has had the last say - I think Watbag has learnt his lesson!
P.S. See you at the AQC!!

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