Sunday, March 24, 2013

Benalla Teddy Bear Event

Just a few photos of my stand at the Benalla Teddy Bear Event, from last weekend. We had such a lovely time there, and next year I will keep you informed in the days leading up to it - lately I have been a bit "hit and miss" with my blog postings - it has been hectic around here and I just don't know where the time has been going!
I will also take more photos - there were some truly beautiful bears there, as well as dolls and doll houses.
Our friends Pam and Alan drove down from Echuca to spend the morning with us - the lucky couple won a door prize each! Pam won a lovely book about bear making, and Alan won a door stop. It's a cat. A very black cat!
Here's a photo. With a bottle of wine, of course!!!! We have named him "Watbag" because he can "pwotect their pwoperty fwom those wascally wabbits"!!!!
Ernie was in his usual spot - overlooking the proceedings.
A bit of trivia - I thought I'd show you one of the motel chairs - one of the most comfortable dining chairs I have ever come across! Ernie thought so as well!
P.S. New designs coming soon.
P.P.S. One of them has been made using Lynette Anderson's new range of fabrics due out in May/June. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Benalla Teddy and Friends Fair

Ernie is excited! We are off to Benalla on Sunday for the Teddy Bear Fair, I'll have all my patterns and some ex-shop sample quilts for sale. It's at the St. Joseph's School Hall in Wedge Street, and opens at 10am. There will be lots of teddy bear artists there as well! So come to Benalla on Sunday for a lovely day out with all the teddies!
P.S. It's official! I can no longer multi-task. I should have put out a bulletin last week about the show, but have been snowed under with work, and unable to think!
P.P.S. What am I doing.....?
PP.P.P.S. Oh dear.........