Thursday, January 3, 2013

Threads and Watching Our Feet

Linda from Ristal (the Australian distributor of Papillon) has given me this little collection of threads to help inspiration! I love using the Papillon metallics - they are the best for hand sewing - perfect for my Christmas designs. I'm going to "road test" the Kreinik gold machine embroidery thread - I'm hoping it will be a good one for machine quilting.
Today has been spent in front of the computer, trying to create a new catalogue. The time went so quickly, and not much was achieved! I had to walk away - I'll get back to it on the weekend.
The blue tongue lizard family are out in full force. We have to watch where we put our feet these days! Their favourite place is outside the front door, but we have found them in all sorts of odd places in the garden.
This is one of the parents. They are creatures of habit - one of the young lizards had crossed the garden to the opposite boundary, and David watched it find its way back to the front deck (their hidey hole). It knew exactly where it was going, across mulch, threw itself down a 24" drop onto concrete, over paving works and sand, into the front garden and across to the deck. Not in the least bit concerned!
I was hanging out the washing a couple of days ago, and looked down to see one on the paving right next to my foot! She looked up, then quietly meandered over to the garden bed, disappearing behind a log.
The caption to this photo should read, "I'm hiding - you can't see me".
So that's why we have to watch our feet, and even though we know they are there, it's still gives us a bit of a start thinking it might be a snake!
P.S. Hot, hot, hot, tomorrow! 41 degrees!

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