Monday, January 7, 2013

New Catalogue a Work in Progress

I'm working on a new catalogue. My little "foldy" thing is no longer big enough. The photos are shrinking to fit more in, so the time has come to "think big"!
How does an eight page A4 brochure sound?
Because that's what I'm doing.
But as usual, I'm avoiding the obvious - it needs to be done soon, but a blog posting is more appealing, isn't it?!??
And a blog needs a photo. It's the centre of Sew Busy Bears and it's also my new facebook profile photo - the bears are so much cuter than my mugshot!
Back to the circus.........
P.S. Click on the facebook link and it will take you to my page. Go on - you can "like" me, and even "friend" me - you know you want to........

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