Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fabric Frolic 2014

Ernie Dingle is on his way! He's ready for the Fabric Frolic 2014 and is looking forward to seeing all his friends! They spent a happy but noisy afternoon making plans at The Patchwork Tea House.
"Where are our scones......?" could be heard from table number 9. Ernie and his "New Best Friends" were getting a little testy! Gary was slow to bring out the scones........the group were getting restless.
At last! A real Teddy Bear Tea Party.......
......but with babyccinos!
Did I tell you that Ernie has a girlfriend? Here he is with the lovely Miss R from Textile Offcuts in Lilydale, one of the shops taking part in the Fabric Frolic. (She's a bit of a hussy - don't want her taking advantage of Ernie - I'll have to watch her!)
I have designed some little stitcheries that will be given away at some of the shops involved in the frolic - go to their facebook page for more details.
P.S. What a lovely way to spend the day with friends - doing the rounds of your favourite patchwork shops!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Show and Tell

Lots to show today! Firstly, I won a second and a third in the Lilydale Show needlework, for "Garden Party" and "The Sewing Lesson". It's lovely to have a big, fat ribbon!
The quilt below has been made by my cousin, Heather, who is a Canadian - she has been having lessons and I think the result is beautiful! I can't wait to see what she produces next.
Last week we had a stand at the Australian Quilt Market (trade fair). It was a great weekend - this was our little 2m X 3m patch of the venue!
Met old friends, took lots of orders and made some new contacts in the patchwork world.
"At the Bottom of the Garden" (what a mouthful - what was I thinking when I named this pattern.....) is one of my designs that is an evergreen - it keeps in selling.
Miche'le from New Zealand has made it in these lovely greens.
I think you will agree that it is simply stunning!

And my final word - this is the machine I learnt to sew on. Right hand turned the handle, so there was only one free hand to guide the fabric.
P.S. I was thrilled when the treadle machine arrived at our house! Two hands to sew with!!! Although it took a while to get the feet going smoothly - to avoid back-sewing and broken threads!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Finally, news of several new designs. 
Above is "Garden party", with birds, parasols, flowers, cupcakes, champagne, a teapot, teacup and even bunting! 
Below is "The Sewing lesson", with Mother Bear teaching her cubs how to put love into every stitch.
I also have some new and very cute pre-printed stitcheries. These are on homespun and don't come with instructions - they can be stitched and used in whatever project you choose.
Go to the New Products page on my website. You will find them all there.
P.S. We will once again be going to some of the Craft Alive shows (Victoria and New South Wales) in 2014, so keep an eye out for dates and venues near you.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Neerim Quilt Retreat

 At last! Here are some of the quilts that were created at Neerim during that lovely weekend! The one above is part of mine - a very "Christmassy" look with lots of glitter and gold!
Below is my work area. Ernie left his mess everywhere - champagne and biscuits & cheeses are some of his favorite pre-dinner snacks. And look at his work mess!
I'm much tidier!
I do apologise for the sideways photos - I can't get my head around turning them - they end up very short and wide. But here goes!
 As you can see, the variety of colours and ideas was quite diverse.
Once again, Ernie Dingle had to stick his head in - a precocious little scamp!
 Sue's was distinctly oriental.
 Barbara's was very Australian.
Jo's was (we thought) very arctic. So a penguin was in order.
 With an umbrella.
 And a polar bear.
 Then the Titanic sank.
 And an igloo was built.......
it's a good think she has a wonderful sense of humour!
P.S. New designs next!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Watbag has a Girlfriend

I received a message from Echuca - Watbag has a girlfriend! Here's an update.
Up in the Attic Sooty tried to evict Tigger but she stood her ground and told him to "Nick off hairy legs". He plays too rough. I was asked up for a cuppa. I knew if I was the strong silent type I’d win the girl eventually.

I have a new throne. It is nice and sunny and Little Miss likes it too.
Wotcha doin'?
Ahhh!!! She loves me

You keep watch, I’ll sleep
I really hope she settles him down a bit - he has been a "bit of a lad"!!!!! Ernie Dingle wanted to know when they could get together again, but I think Watbag is a bad influence......
P.S. More news soon!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Neerim Retreat

I spent a recent "longish" weekend at Neerim Country Cottages, with good friends, good food and good weather! Have a look at the view from my table! Spent most of the time gazing out the window! Even a really, really bad head cold didn't stop me from enjoying myself. I just hope I didn't pass the germs onto anyone!
The girls from Morrisons Quilting (and Ernie Dingle) were looking forward to the weekend for eleven months! And we were not disappointed!
A lovely setting.....
.....a sunny deck.....
.....and seriously good food (thanks to Tiramisue).
"Is it playlunch time yet?" asks Ernie.
Eyes out on organ stops when he saw the cheesecake.....

.....and he was fascinated with the cheeseboard set - the teddy-sized knives with their little magnetic stand.
Time to get down to some work - which fabric to choose.
I'm ready! Can I start cutting now?
P.S. Ernie will give details of the work we attempted soon!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More of Garden Party

Here's another little bit of "Garden Party". Be patient, it's nearly ready!
P.S. Not much work will be done this weekend - I'm off to a quilting retreat with a group of friends. I'm so looking forward to it!!!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Two New Designs

Photos of a couple of new quilts - above is "The Sewing Lesson" (or part of it), and below is "Garden Party (once again, only part of it!).
Today I am doing a sterling job of avoiding the obvious - trying to get these completed by November!
Concentration is needed because it's confusing doing two quilts and sets of instructions at the same time.
So I'm blogging instead. Of course!
And thinking about the coming retreat next weekend, with some of the quilters from my local group. Can't wait!
P.S. Patterns available soon - keep an eye on my website or faceache, whoops, facebook.
P.P.S. Back to the borders.........

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Garden Party

Here's something for you to contemplate! It's part of "Garden Party", a new design that I have on the go.
Think birds, parasols, a teapot, a teacup, champagne, cupcakes, tablecloths, bunting.........
P.S. It will be released around the same time as "The Sewing Lesson".

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Needleturn Heart

I have to show you this! Recently I conducted a needleturn workshop.
Maria sent me this photo of the design that was taught, but she has made it up using Brasilian embroidery.
It's stunning!
It is so good to see how some ladies can look at a design and think "I can do that but I think I will ......", and change it in some way.
It's quite inspiring really!
P.S. Photos of a new design soon!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Warragul Quilt Exhibition

Judy and her hard-working band of helpers from the Lionesses of Warragul put on a wonderful quilt exhibition over the weekend!
We saw many familiar faces, including the three "cheekies": Lo, Fiona and Kaye.
Ernie and Mr. Bean found themselves on display after playing up.
I'd had enough of their mischievous behaviour and they soon found themselves "hanging around".
I found not one, but two Bug Bears in the show! Both were made by Helen Cochrane, for her boys who have now outgrown the quilts!

More quilts from the display.........
The parrots won Viewers' Choice........

Here's Bruce. He's a Highland Cow. It was designed and made by Jennifer Bonham and apparently the pattern will eventually be available from Craft Quarters in Koo Wee Rup.
I've already put in an order for one!
Jennifer from Embellish a Little was there with all her gorgeous buttons. 
Go to her website for a delicious browse! 
Here she is with Lynn, who gave her a helping hand on the weekend.
Just a small selection of her wooden buttons.
And here's Amber - another quilt by Jennifer Bonham that will, one day, be a pattern!
It will be available from Estelle at Craft Quarters.
We love doing the smaller shows like this one - everyone is so friendly and willing to stop for a chat.
A huge thanks to Judy and her helpers - they did a wonderful job and nothing was too much trouble!
P.S. Hurry up and get that pattern out Jennifer!!!!!