Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bits and Pieces, a Second and a Highly Commended

The Mystery Quilt - here are Sue's samples - above is the Christmas version in brights (but they are not her feet!), and below is her version in lovely violet and green. The possibilities are endless........
I will keep you posted with the progress of my "Five Gold Rings".
I had a very busy weekend. It was Archie's second birthday party at Lilydale Lake on Saturday (all go, go, go!), and the Quilt In at Warburton on Sunday. 
But it was also the Lilydale Agricultural Show all weekend. Helen from our quilting group had nag, nag, nagged me for the past few months to put something in the show.
So I did.
Big surprise! Below is "A Teddy Bear Christmas". It was awarded a highly commended!!!!!!!!!!
Big surprise number two! "Grandpa's Little Treasures" was awarded a second prize!!!!!!!
I couldn't get to the show and it was a lovely surprise when Sue dropped the quilts off on Sunday evening.
Keep an eye on Tiramisue's blog - her African mask quilt was in the exhibition and she will let you know how she went!
The theme for next year is Spring. 
Hmmmm........ ideas already!
A very productive Wednesday last week - I was busy in the kitchen.
Home made pasta - I told Himself the ladder hanging from the ceiling would come in handy! You can just see the rods I use for the spaghetti hanging from hooks that are hanging from the ladder.........
Pasta sauce bubbling gently on the stove, and.........
......chicken casserole simmering in the slow cooker.
The freezer is now full!
P.S. I'll tell you more about the Quilt In soon.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vicki's Quilt

Don't you hate it when this happens!???!? And I didn't notice until I was ironing it!!!!!
So to work with the unpicker and gently ease the seam back into place ...... patience of an angel........
It's taking shape - I'm up to the "little green foldy things". You can see the one on the left has already been tortured out of shape to give the lovely gentle curves on each side.
Now to tackle the rest of them!
Here's Vicki with her beautiful quilt - she's very proud of it, and rightly so - it's a stunner - it's a pity that you can't see it up close. 
There are too many quilters out there who just won't accept the accolades for their beautiful sewing - they are quick to find fault with their own work and will not take praise easily.
So if you are one of those "reluctant to accept accolades" quilters, just smile, say "Thank you", and bask in the warm glow of praise.
P.S. It's Archie's second birthday tomorrow! I've made him a "Josh's Jungle" wall hanging, with"Archie's Jungle" at the bottom.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creative Genius at Work

More about the Mystery Quilt Day! Dot was "having a bit of trouble", as Frank Spencer would say.
Her gold thread did not wish to cooperate. The more she tried, the more it tangled, frayed, knotted and broke.
So why do I have a photo of a chair?
Note the thread stand on the seat.
Sue to the rescue.
This is where the creativity came to the fore. Sue worked on the assumption that the longer the feed, as long as it was controlled and the thread could flow without snags, the less likely it would be to create a problem.
So, off the spool to the overhead fan. Of course!
Technology stepped in. The addition of a child's wooden block to feed the thread over the fan.

Then down to Dot's Machine.
Note the use of a piece of polystyrene (green arrow) to weight the thread so it would feed into the machine smoothly. We can't say that it was trouble-free, but it greatly improved the thread performance!
"Annie's Animals" is now complete - pattern available and will be on the website soon! In the meantime, it's available from ebay or etsy.
Ditto for "My Sewing Room" - pattern now available.
P.S. Now what will I work on next?

Friday, November 9, 2012

There Just Had To Be Curves

Another fabulous Mystery Quilt day with my quilting group. We had no idea what we were making, and arrived with our list of "requirements and ingredients", wondering what we had let ourselves into!
But once again, TiramiSue came up with a stunning design, with easy techniques that even beginners could master!
First task was to cut our main fabric pieces and iron tearaway on the back (above).
Then we cut bias strips from two coordinating fabrics (below). That's when the alarm bells began to ring! "Do you think we have to do curves?" someone was heard to mutter.
Fold the bias strips, wrong sides together, and stitch down the long raw edge (without stretching!!!).
Sue had been to Bunnings.
For aluminium strips.
To form the bias strips, of course!
Where else would you go for bias bars!?!
So we ironed, and DIDN'T stretch the fabric, and said rude words when the bias bars got too hot..........
A template was cut. It was used to draw a line on the main fabric
Then we glued the bias strips to the main fabric along the line.
Machines began whirring as the curves were stitched down using a decorative stitch.
 Here's Jo doing the "glue-ing" bit.
Then another "curvey" piece was cut in a different fabric, mine was green holly fabric, and slipped under the bias curve, and more sewing followed.
The next step is to rip off the tearaway and start assembling the quilt top.
I will let you know how I get on!
In the meantime, here are a few photos of pre-printed stitcheries that will be on my website in the next week or so.

Pre-Printed Quilt Labels

There's Always Time for Sewing

Tiny Stitches

More Pre-Printed Quilt Labels
I'm going to tackle my quilt now!
P.S. It's going to be called "Five Gold Rings" as you will soon see!