Saturday, July 7, 2012

Christmas Song

At last - here are some sneak previews of my newest BOM, "Christmas Song".
I have nearly completed all the blocks, and now have the so satisfying task of "putting it all together".
I'm loving this one - not a bear to be seen, but it's a very happy quilt, and one that I am so enjoying!
P.S. Please be patient!!!!!
P.P.S. I've had a lovely day - a trip to Ikea, and an afternoon with my quilting group. What more could a girl want?!?!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Men in Photographs

Thought I'd share this one with you! My grandfather (left) and my father, taken around 1956, in our back yard in Lilydale - very "hee-haw"!!! They loved to "mess around" for photos - but isn't that the case for most men? How many of you have tried to take a decent photo of a family group that includes men and the results are far from perfect? Funny faces, "gesticulations" of sorts and unbelievable poses!!!!!
P.S. I am working on a Christmas BOM and plan to post a few glimpses over the weekend. Not a bear in sight!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Drouin South Quilting Bee

Last Saturday Himself and I went to Lo's Quilting Bee at the local hall in Drouin South. Lo (bless her little cotton socks) is a staunch supporter of the Cancer Council and organizes fund-raiser days. 
It was a "feel good" day, in spite of me not feeling "all there" - trying to recover from a bug of some sort and feeling "blaugh"!!! 
My apologies to all the ladies present - my trunk show was a bit hurried and not quite as I would have liked it, but the stage was hot and I was feeling a bit light-headed and I didn't want to keel over and fall off the edge - and probably break something in the process!
All the ladies certainly enjoyed themselves - the photos speak for themselves, with all sorts of activities going on - patchwork, knitting, scrap booking and paper craft, cross stitch, crochet ......
There was even a Teddlywinks pattern in progress!!!!

Stitch ......
...... and chat .......
More stitching ......
and more chatting ......
Concentration ......

...... and what is it about the tea urn that makes everyone gather for more chatting ......?
Here's Lo with her newest quit. It's a surprise for someone she cherishes, covered with photos. The blue is a bit darker than the pic, and it is glorious.
Even photos on the back!
Lo will be having another Quilting Bee next year.
We'll be there!
P.S. Had a lovely sleep in on Sunday!
P.P.S. Hugs and kisses to Himself for loading up the car, driving me to Drouin, un-loading the car, setting up the stand, keeping me vertical, holding up quilts, dealing with customers, re-loading the car, bundling me into it, driving me home, un-loading the car, pouring me a glass of wine (under the circumstances, probably not the best thing for me to drink - but I WANTED it!), cooking tea (admittedly it was the heating up of good ol' four'n'twenty pies but who's complaining?), and then a nice coffee which DID NOT keep me awake!!!!