Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christmas Song

I'm quite excited! Here are the lovely Maywood Studio fabrics (from the Christmas Classics range) that arrived in the mail from the distributors, Lloyd Curzon Textiles - I love getting parcels like this one!
They have given me inspiration! And it's nothing to do with bears!
The white with the red and green spots is the background for the applique and stitcheries - I have the ideas in my head - just have to get them out somehow!!!!
I can see the finished quilt - let's hope it works as I have pictured it!
I will be starting on the centre block tomorrow (providing all goes well in the "Shambles Family" household!).
We have an on-going saga of "The Blocked Storm Water Drain" which is continuing - Himself is trying to do as much of the work as he can, but there are limits, even for Super-Grandpa.
So far, the bill has been $175, plus another for $800 to repair the drain under the street footpath (which means that the footpath may have to be dug up).
The very well known company who built the house 28 years ago did a dodgy drainage job and it has been slowly deteriorating over the years. Heck!
In the meantime, we are putting up muck and filth in the carport.
Depressing really.
P.S. "Life is a roller coaster, just gotta ride it........"
P.P.S. Another poor little dead possum on the front lawn today. Bloody cats.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just Not Good Enough

Just had to share this with you!
I threw out my long arm stapler - it had finally lost the will to work.
Can't blame it.
It had done a huge amount of repetitive hard work. And it was only 47 years old .........
P.S. Will a new one last as long do you think?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Day in Sydney

Sunday was another dismal day - Ernie had had enough. "I'm soooooo bored ......"
But then .........
Gordon appeared with WINE!!!!!
A bottle for each stand - what a trouper!
But ..... we couldn't open it - packing up to do, and it would not be the done thing to be seen wobbling about, hiccuping and being clumsy in general!
Later all I could hear was a muttering Ernie. 
"Wine or chocolate? Chocolate or wine .....?"
Cheers! Slainte! Proost!
P.S. Hic!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Opera House in a Different Light

Thought you'd like to see a very small part of the light show over the harbour and the Opera House.
If you look at each photo in sequence, you will see how the lights and patterns moved across the angles of the roof. 
A bit "Dr Who-ish" with the cracks appearing.........
And then the people appeared........
A long shot across the rooftops and water - very pretty.
This is why we didn't get much sleep - all this was going on under our bedroom window.
Below is our view of the street - Ernie loved it!
The buskers were really, really good.
Little girl dancing with gay abandon - she had a ball!
David went to the shops to buy earplugs.
I just slept on my good ear (I'm deaf in one ear). Didn't hear a thing!
But maybe it was the Toblerone Cocktail I had.
Kahlua, Tia Maria, Frangelico and cream .......
P.S. I'm going out tomorrow to buy the ingredients (if the plastic will stand up to that sort of spending.....!).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ernie in Sydney

Our hotel - the Holiday Inn in The Rocks - lovely hotel, but lots of street noise.
The rooftop pool was a drawcard for Ernie - a bad photo, but there he is, at the top end of the pool, in his speedos ready to jump in! Can you see him?
Fantastic views of the city lights.

Next morning - a hearty breakfast for a hungry bear.
Our stand at the show - display was a bit sparse, but we were limited with the luggage we could take on the flight. Next time I'll know to take more!

We overflowed into the quilt display stand next door which was rather good - eye catching!
Lynette Anderson stopped by to say hello to her little friend - she has a soft spot for Ernie.
But the weather was wet - we left Melbourne to escape the rain, but it wasn't to be! Poor Ernie - he just wanted to get outside!
Maybe next time Ernie!
P.S. The light show over the opera house next time.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ernie's Working Weekend

One very excited little bear! Ernie's third plane trip! Why third, you might ask? 
He was born in China and flew to Ireland to live in Dingle, a little town on the west coast.
We found him in a tiny shop, looking forlorn, and so we adopted him and he flew back to Australia with us.
This is his third trip - to Sydney for the AQM (patchwork industry trade show).
We decided to stay at the airport hotel the night before the flight - here's Ernie plane-watching! 
Butterflies in his tummy on Friday morning - at departure. He couldn't wait to get on the plane and find his seat! Many attempts were made to entertain him, but he would keep wandering off - worse than a small child!
Found him just before we were about to call airport security - he had found some friends and lost track of both the time, and where he was!
An uneventful trip, except for the fact that I was asked to "step aside", and was scanned for possible explosive particles - do I look like a terrorist? David looks more suspicious than me! And as for Ernie - he could have been positively stuffed with questionable substances!
Finally arrived in Sydney.
Our stand before set-up. Very un-inspiring. Needed food first! 
Oh well, he found his place - with a good view of the goings on.
After set-up (which was a bit sparse due to limits in luggage, but I'll post photos of the stand soon), we toddled off for a bit of sight-seeing (when there's more appealing things to do it's amazing how quickly the tedious job of setting up can be achieved!).

Ernie and the coat hanger.
Ernie and that big thingy with the pointy bits.
Ernie all tuckered out in the hotel elevator. He slept well that night!
P.S. Light show over the Opera House at night - spectacular! Shots soon!