Friday, March 30, 2012

More Teddy Bear Event

More about Benalla's Teddy Event - here is a shot of some of our display - Grandpa's Little Treaures caused quite a lot of interest. Everyone loves Grandpa's vest (in the middle of the quilt)!
The ladies of the Benalla Hospital Auxiliary are a very hard-working group - where would we be without these marvelous groups of people who give up so much of their time and achieve so much for our communities. And they enjoy themselves at the same time!!!!
Ernie wanted to do his bit - by helping to hand out the cuppas!
More to come!
P.S. The "Chocolate Glove Box" really works!!!!!!! (Road test today ....... Himself wanted to know why I had chocolate all over my face when I arrived home......)
All I can say is thank goodness for dark coloured upholstery!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Benalla Teddy Bear Event

Ernie is a happy little bear. (This time we didn't forget him! The last time we went to a show, he was left behind and didn't we suffer when we arrived home! He was not very pleasant to be around! Definitely had the hump!)
We took him, and our new car, to Benalla for the Teddy Bear Event.
Yes, we have a new car.
Considering the "stuff" that has to be packed whenever we attend a show, the lancer (two door, I might add) was just too small.
So now we have oodles of room, but I still forgot to pack our pillows - needless to say, after a sleepless night with our weary heads resting on a couple of bricks (at least that's what they felt like), there I was in Benalla's Aldi, purchasing two brand new pillows. Much better.
Jan Hately, from GingerBears of Benalla, was the intrepid organiser of the show - and what a wonderful job she did! It was held in a beautiful hall, with the hospital auxiliary ladies in charge of tea, coffee, cakes, scones and sandwiches.
Here's Ernie sitting amongst his favourite colours on the Teddlywinks stand! It was great to catch up with Lynn Hyland and hubby Trevor. Lynn's stand, Li'l Bloke's, was just beautiful.
Ernie found some girlfriends amongst her designs.
Its a bit like "Where's Wally"! I lost him on the Stanley Bears stand!
He also took a shine to Eleanor, one of GingerBears' teddies. What a glam bear!
Now, back to the new car. To me, a car is a means of getting somewhere. As long as I am comfortable and safe, and the vehicle is reliable, I'm happy.
But our new mode of transport has some very fine features as follows:
It's white.
Lovely BIG rear view mirrors.
Very comfy seats with adjustable lumber supports.
Driver's seat has the lift option. So I can sit up higher.
Heater and air conditioner.
Little compartment on the dash for sunglasses.
It has little hooks in the back to hang your shopping bags on so they don't fall over.
Cup holders with built-in coolers.
It locks itself if you unlock it and forget to open the doors within a minute or two.
Three thousand air bags.
(These are not necessarily in order of importance, but I'd put air-con up there near the top of the list.)
But the most important feature of all - wait for it girls - a glove box the size of a wardrobe, and it has a built-in cooler!!!!!!
Think chocolate!!!!!!
I'm off to stock up now. Driving makes me hungry......
Have a look at this little (or big) beauty! David found it on Gumtree - solid hardwood, and was probably from one of the old bank buildings in Melbourne.
Lovely and slippery, with rounded edges, perfect for draping fabric.
And BIG. 1.2m X 2.3m.
We are looking at it and doing a lot of thinking. The idea was to take the legs off and make a workbench to sit on the drawers I already have - seems such a shame to pull it to pieces, but it will make a superb bench top.
More about the Benalla Teddy bear Event soon!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Bookmarks! For bookworms like me! I have completed two new patterns, "Bookmarks" (below), and "More Bookmarks" (above). And not a bear in sight!
The patterns are not on the website yet, but in the meantime, I'm only a phone call, email or fax away.
Or you could try my ebay store where all my designs are available at regular prices, as well as discontinued patterns at cheaper prices.
We were out walking with the Pasta Kid a couple of evenings ago - it was the council's hard rubbish collection week, all sorts of interesting rubbish stacked on nature strips up and down the roads.
I spied some "garden embellishments", ie. two metal long-legged storky-type birds.
But no heads.
David and pram kept on walking. He doesn't like to be seen fossicking in refuse.
Then I saw the heads.
"Can we fix these?" He said "No", and kept walking, faster this time.
So I left them behind.
The next morning we were once again out walking, early this time and without Archie.
I managed to steer us (without him noticing) past the same pile of rubbish and the birds were still there.
"We can fix these - I played with mechano when I was little. I know how nuts and bolts work....." were my words.
"If you think so", he muttered whilst picking up speed.
So there we were, him 6 walking meters in front, me bringing up the rear with a bird under each arm and a head in each hand.
They are now on my workbench in the shed awaiting an operation to restore their dignity!
What a great find!
And Archie is still sitting in the box.
Wait until he sees the cardboard roll I have for him - great for rolling cars through.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Glad Press'n'Seal Again

I've had quite a few requests - where to get Glad Press'n'Seal.
Problem solved! Estelle at Craft Quarters has it in stock - what an enterprising patchwork shop operator! I had extolled its virtues in a previous blog - telling everyone that it was available in my local IGA supermarket. Since then it has been unobtainable.
But Estelle has it!!!! Yay!!!!!
Her details are:
Craft Quarters
312 Rossiter Road, Koo Wee Rup, VIC, 3981.
Ph: 03 59971779
It's true what they say about kids and boxes! The Pasta Kid found a great place to sit while he was playing with his "shuddery jeep". Cardboard boxes have a multitude uses!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Much tidiness and POM

It's all happening here! I was given these drawers by my son's in-laws, from a dental technician's laboratory - much cleaning and painting later (I painted the insides of 24 drawers!), and sorting of fabrics - voila! Much tidiness!
Now. The POM (Project of the Month or "Secret Stitcher's Business") has begun! Country Hart Designs has launched their program - you just have to visit Robyn's website to investigate this!

Friday, March 9, 2012

No Pieces Missing

This is a very new event - on Sunday March 25th at St. Joseph's School Hall in Benalla - it will be a great day, organised by the very efficient Jan from GingerBears of Benalla. I will be there with my quilt patterns, some fabric, buttons, some specials such as ex-display quilts and framed stitcheries, and a few other bits and pieces - and I'll also be doing a demonstration of basic blanket stitch applique, for those of you who are new to quilting.
But a warning, once you begin to collect your stash and start putting together your first creation, you'll be forever hooked! It's addictive!
Speaking of putting together pieces, how's this for a lovely jigsaw?
Found in the op-shop, priced $1.50, and we have had so much fun putting it together.
1000 pieces, and the size is about 50cm X 70cm.
It has been on a table in a nice little corner, enticing anyone passing. Muttering has been heard - "I'll just do a little bit more....."! And another family member disappears for a while.
Now to select another jig saw from our pile of op-shop finds.
P.S. Is it a patchwork thing? Do patchworkers in general like jigsaws?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Faceless Self Portrait

Yes. Here we are. The self portrait is finally beginning to take shape.
My best friend, Helen, couldn't believe that I had a serious mental block about this - she lectured me in no uncertain terms to take a good long look at my Teddlywinks designs, and take it from there.
So I did.
I made a list of everything that is important in my life, then made another list - this time a short-list from the first list, then a list of fabrics and colours (I love lists - they are a great way of remembering to do stuff, and the list can be forgotten until it is read, to remind you of what you need to do next, so your mind does not become cluttered and muddled - did you understand all that?).
Then came the rough sketch which consisted of a 20" square piece of paper covered with cut-outs of all the parts of the design.
This sat on my table and every time I passed, I moved, altered or took away pieces.
The techniques (fancy word for how it was put together) used are much the same as in my quilts. Blanket stitch applique, hand embroidery and a little bit of machine sewing.
It's really a picture about me, not of me.
More to come - it will be chock-a-block full of (all relevant) "stuff".
How's this for a great photo?
It's my friend Detty - she found this sewing machine when they were on holiday in South Australia. Neat isn't it? Wonder if it works??!!?
Back to the self portrait!
P.S. Will it have a face? I'm avoiding that!