Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Love of Stitching

Remember this?
And these?
It's finally finished! A small quilt (26" X 30") perfect for using up scraps, or doing what we all love, visiting our favourite patchwork shop and buying new, beautiful fabric!
Just the right size for displaying on your wall - doesn't take up much room.
It's my newest design and is only available from Lorraine at Patchwork Passion, 29 Hotham Street, Cranbourne, Victoria, 3977, Australia. Ph: 03 59954455
Her website is www.patchworkpassion.com.au
More designs flying around in my head - and not just quilts.
Have to be strong and complete a few unfinished patterns before I begin anything new.
Just hate having too many on the go.
Mixes me up and I get confused.
Which is easy to do these days!
And my self portrait. Well that's another story!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love of Stitching

Keep your peepers open for a new design, "Love of Stitching", which will be available exclusively from Lorraine at Patchwork Passion.
It's a small quilt, but very cute - I think you'll like it!
Here are a few photos to entice you to pick up needle and thread!
It features thongs that Lorraine loves (and me too!!!!)
Available as soon as I get the cover photos done and patterns put together. Probably a week or two. I'll let you know, and you'll get to see the finished product as well!
Nothing like keeping you in suspense!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ghastly Mistake

Many, many apologies to everyone who has purchased "Created with Love" - there is a mistake in the fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the 122 squares.

On the back cover of the pattern, about halfway down, it should read:

10cm each of eight assorted fabrics for the 3" squares (NOT 2 ½" squares) total of 122 squares.

On page 2, just after the Block 5 border instructions, it should read:

Cut 3" (NOT 2 ½") squares from the eight assorted fabrics, 122 in total.(Continue with the remaining instructions, substituting the 2 ½" squares with the 3" squares.)

Finding mistakes in my patterns is very upsetting for me - I like to have happy customers and I can only say, once again, my apologies, and I hope no-one has been inconvenienced by this mistake!

Aaaaaargh!!!!!! What a drama!!!!!


P.S. My thanks to Lillian of Esmes in Kings Meadows, Tasmania for letting me know! Thanks Lillian.