Sunday, December 30, 2012

Butterfly Ball

Jennifer from Embellish A Little, has given me these buttons - to hopefully generate some inspiration!!!!
I'm thinking Beatrix Potter? Cutesy bunnies and birds? The ideas are there already.
The saying goes, "I might look like I'm doing nothing, but inside my head I'm quite busy!"
I'd better get the ideas onto paper before I get too "mind-cluttered"!

Christmas has come and gone, with the usual speed and mayhem!
Remnants remain, such as leftover ham, Christmas Pudding and decorations.
Ham we are eating in a huge variety of ways, the pud has been cut into serve-sized pieces and frozen and the Christmas decorations come down on Twelfth Night.
How's this for a bling-loving butterfly! In the tree outside our front door. Loving the decorations!
The New Year is nearly here - I'm hoping to create some new designs - something a little different to my usual style (but I won't neglect the teddies!).
P.S. Happy New Year to everyone. Don't make your resolutions too difficult to keep!
P.P.S. Giving up chocolate is NOT a good New Year's resolution!

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