Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bulldozers for Josh

I've had a break from hand sewing since November - giving the hands a rest. I've been suffering from sore fingers and palms, but have been ignoring the pain.
I know - it's naughty.
But at last - I've managed to finish this wall hanging for Josh. It's his Christmas present - he's mad about earth movers, trucks, bulldozers and diggers! When he comes here to play, he looks carefully at all the toy cars, trucks and trains and selects two favourites. These he plays with, one in each hand, for hours!
I've started a trend! Christmas decorations are so cheap these days, that for the past few years I have hung baubles in the tree outside the front door - it looks so pretty. The parrots certainly are not put off by them, and we even had a cheeky cockatoo try to eat one of the gold ones. He actually had an expression of disgust on his face - quite comical really!
And guess who's back for the Summer?
No, not Trevor or Roger.
We think it's son (or daughter) of Trevor.
His favourite place is this rock near our front door - perfect for sunning himself.
I don't mind him, I just have to remember that he's not a snake!
And he eats the snails!
P.S. The countdown to Christmas Day is on!
P.P.S. I'm making my Christmas pudding this weekend. A last minute effort. Very unusual for me. I usually have it made several months before the big day!

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