Monday, November 12, 2012

Vicki's Quilt

Don't you hate it when this happens!???!? And I didn't notice until I was ironing it!!!!!
So to work with the unpicker and gently ease the seam back into place ...... patience of an angel........
It's taking shape - I'm up to the "little green foldy things". You can see the one on the left has already been tortured out of shape to give the lovely gentle curves on each side.
Now to tackle the rest of them!
Here's Vicki with her beautiful quilt - she's very proud of it, and rightly so - it's a stunner - it's a pity that you can't see it up close. 
There are too many quilters out there who just won't accept the accolades for their beautiful sewing - they are quick to find fault with their own work and will not take praise easily.
So if you are one of those "reluctant to accept accolades" quilters, just smile, say "Thank you", and bask in the warm glow of praise.
P.S. It's Archie's second birthday tomorrow! I've made him a "Josh's Jungle" wall hanging, with"Archie's Jungle" at the bottom.

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