Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creative Genius at Work

More about the Mystery Quilt Day! Dot was "having a bit of trouble", as Frank Spencer would say.
Her gold thread did not wish to cooperate. The more she tried, the more it tangled, frayed, knotted and broke.
So why do I have a photo of a chair?
Note the thread stand on the seat.
Sue to the rescue.
This is where the creativity came to the fore. Sue worked on the assumption that the longer the feed, as long as it was controlled and the thread could flow without snags, the less likely it would be to create a problem.
So, off the spool to the overhead fan. Of course!
Technology stepped in. The addition of a child's wooden block to feed the thread over the fan.

Then down to Dot's Machine.
Note the use of a piece of polystyrene (green arrow) to weight the thread so it would feed into the machine smoothly. We can't say that it was trouble-free, but it greatly improved the thread performance!
"Annie's Animals" is now complete - pattern available and will be on the website soon! In the meantime, it's available from ebay or etsy.
Ditto for "My Sewing Room" - pattern now available.
P.S. Now what will I work on next?


TiramiSue said...

Not my best angle......

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