Sunday, October 21, 2012

Table Runner from Norway and Appropriate Wine

Gunn from Norway sent me this photo. She has made a gorgeous table runner from the "Prancer and Me" stitchery, and also a "Christmas Treasures Dilly Bag" that the teddy has decided to call his own! The weather in Norway at the moment must be good for stitching indoors! She has whipped these up very quickly - thank you Gunn, for showing me your lovely sewing!
On Saturday I spent a lovely morning at Patchwork Passion in Cranbourne - a beautiful little shop with a really, really, good selection of fabrics. I spoke to a group of "passionate patchworkers", most of them had made one or more of my designs!
Thanks for a lovely morning Lorraine!
On our way home, Himself and I felt that we'd like a drink with our tea, and this is what I found on the shelf in our local I.G.A.
All the way from Margaret River in W.A.
How appropriate!!!!!
(I didn't know they had bears over there!!!)
"Annie's Animals" nearly completed!
P.S. The chardonnay didn't taste at all "beary"!!!!!

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