Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More of Annie's Animals

More animals. They are nearly all appliqued, and then I'll add some flowers. 
I'm still deciding what colour to make the pockets, and am halfway through embroidering the words at the bottom - "Annie's Animals".
I'll let you know as soon as the pattern is ready!
It will be the girly version of Josh's Jungle.
More elephant photos from the zoo - I love the trams!

This one is ready for the snow - he has a hat, trunk warmer and elephant snow boots (or slippers!).

The one below was all sparkly and glittery - it was a sunny day and the effect was stunning!
I really need some zeds now, so nighty night!
P.P.S. Working on some more pre-printed stitcheries.
P.S. zzzzzzzzzzzz..............

1 comment:

TiramiSue said...

You have captured the essence of "dog" but you obviously didn't use either of my two bludgers as inspiration for the kitty, it looks happy....
Sue xxx