Thursday, October 4, 2012

Homespun Ad

A full page ad! In Homespun! The Patchwork Tea House, Warburton, Victoria, has put my two new designs on display in the current issue.
If you are interested in kits or BOMs for either of these designs, contact The Patchwork Tea House.
And a snippet about my bookmark patterns is in the back section of the mag!
I'll be sending out an e-newsletter soon giving information of shops that are offering kits and BOMs.
I could see a patch of colour in the garden, from my workroom window. A clivia! In the middle of a bed of Hippeastrums! It wasn't there last year.........
P.S. I am working on a "girlie" version of Josh's Jungle". 
Annie's Animals? Amy's Animals? Annabelle's Animals? 
There will be a cat, puppy, bunny, butterfly, owl, fish, mouse and a duckling! And flowers, of course!

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