Sunday, October 21, 2012

Table Runner from Norway and Appropriate Wine

Gunn from Norway sent me this photo. She has made a gorgeous table runner from the "Prancer and Me" stitchery, and also a "Christmas Treasures Dilly Bag" that the teddy has decided to call his own! The weather in Norway at the moment must be good for stitching indoors! She has whipped these up very quickly - thank you Gunn, for showing me your lovely sewing!
On Saturday I spent a lovely morning at Patchwork Passion in Cranbourne - a beautiful little shop with a really, really, good selection of fabrics. I spoke to a group of "passionate patchworkers", most of them had made one or more of my designs!
Thanks for a lovely morning Lorraine!
On our way home, Himself and I felt that we'd like a drink with our tea, and this is what I found on the shelf in our local I.G.A.
All the way from Margaret River in W.A.
How appropriate!!!!!
(I didn't know they had bears over there!!!)
"Annie's Animals" nearly completed!
P.S. The chardonnay didn't taste at all "beary"!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More of Annie's Animals

More animals. They are nearly all appliqued, and then I'll add some flowers. 
I'm still deciding what colour to make the pockets, and am halfway through embroidering the words at the bottom - "Annie's Animals".
I'll let you know as soon as the pattern is ready!
It will be the girly version of Josh's Jungle.
More elephant photos from the zoo - I love the trams!

This one is ready for the snow - he has a hat, trunk warmer and elephant snow boots (or slippers!).

The one below was all sparkly and glittery - it was a sunny day and the effect was stunning!
I really need some zeds now, so nighty night!
P.P.S. Working on some more pre-printed stitcheries.
P.S. zzzzzzzzzzzz..............

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Annie's Animals in Progress and More Elephants

Eek! A mouse! He is for my "girly" version of Josh's Jungle - all stitched in place. I used the same shade of turquoise for the embroidery thread, but a little darker for the eyes, whiskers, etc. to make them stand out. 
More elephants from the Melbourne Zoo's 150th birthday. Artist designed models inspired by Mali, a young elephant who was born at the zoo.
Find the two padlocks (above) 

That's all folks!
P.S. More of Annie's Animals as I complete them!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Patchwork Elephant and Human Pincushion

A quick blog!
I've been busy working out "Annie's Animals".
Sort of like "Josh's Jungle" only for girls.
Here are a few ideas that will be included in the wall hanging.
No Sue, it's NOT a gummy shark........
 Mousey has changed colour several times until I settled for this.
A pink bunny - of course!!!!
We went to the Melbourne Zoo with the family yesterday. Sean was beside himself with excitement!
But how appropriate is this! A patchwork elephant. It reminded me of the story book "Elmer the Patchwork Elephant".
And here's "The Saggy Baggy Elephant" - another children's book. The zoo is celebrating its 150th. birthday and there was a herd of artist designed elephants on display, all in the likeness of Mali, a young elephant which was born at the zoo. They were fabulous! Well worth a visit to the zoo - you can see in the photo above, the elephant in the background made to look like a tiger. And the one on the far right (behind Himself in the cap with grandson) had animals painted all over it.
Back to the drawing board!
P.S. This week's first embarrassing moment. 
I was shopping in Patchwork with Gail B, then went to the "S" shop, then the post office, the bank and the supermarket. When I arrived home I found I had left some pins in my jumper - stuck there when I was doing some sewing. I suppose you could have called the "arrangement" a brooch. I suppose it is an occupational hazard!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Homespun Ad

A full page ad! In Homespun! The Patchwork Tea House, Warburton, Victoria, has put my two new designs on display in the current issue.
If you are interested in kits or BOMs for either of these designs, contact The Patchwork Tea House.
And a snippet about my bookmark patterns is in the back section of the mag!
I'll be sending out an e-newsletter soon giving information of shops that are offering kits and BOMs.
I could see a patch of colour in the garden, from my workroom window. A clivia! In the middle of a bed of Hippeastrums! It wasn't there last year.........
P.S. I am working on a "girlie" version of Josh's Jungle". 
Annie's Animals? Amy's Animals? Annabelle's Animals? 
There will be a cat, puppy, bunny, butterfly, owl, fish, mouse and a duckling! And flowers, of course!