Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Must Remember To Take Ernie

"Letters to Santa" is the name of one of my new designs - there are five projects in the one pack.
* Santa's placemat (photograph above)
* Santa's Secret Key
* Letters for Santa pocket
* Reindeer Food sack
* Santa Welcome Here wall hanging
The pattern will be available next week!
Off to Beaconsfield on Saturday for the Quilters Exhibition - it opens at 10am and I'll be there with my patterns! It is in the Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre, 8 O'Neil Road, Beaconsfield, Victoria.
All profits go to the local CFA.
P.S. I MUST remember to take Ernie Dingle. You know how uppity he gets if he misses out on anything. He just has to stick his little nose into everything. Quite annoying really!

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Wendy said...

Love them - look forward to seeing the patterns next week! Have a lovely time in Beaconsfield I'm sure you (and Ernie) will have a great time!