Monday, September 24, 2012

Fairy Bears BOM

Here's a visual feast for you.......
.......fairy bears.......
.......and flowers....... pretty pinks and blues.......
.......with spots.......
.......and stripes.......
.......and checks, and florals.......
P.S. Go to Teddlywinks for details!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letters to Santa

The patterns are walking out the door! It is looking at being one of my best sellers (I hope)!
Here are two photos, in different fabrics to give you some ideas!
Here is Santa's placemat for putting out on Christmas Eve - biscuits and milk? Or beer and peanuts?
The children can mail their letters to Santa in this little pouch............
.......and if you don't have a chimney, here's Santa's secret key!!!
Not forgetting the sign to welcome our chubby little friend!!!
And don't forget Rudolph and his mates! They need sustenance!!!
Christmas is coming......
P.S. Only #!*#! shopping days to go........

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gregory and Family in Cyberspace

Joan (organizer extraordinaire of Beaconsfield Quilt Exhibition) sent me these photos of Ernie Dingle's New Best Friend Gregory, all tuckered out and ready for bed after his day of mischief. Some of the rest of the family had their noses put right out of joint, and have demanded, yes, demanded that they be included in next year's show!
What cheek! Although Ernie quite likes the idea of a fan club .......
P.S. And that's just some of the rest of the family.....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christmas Song BOM

Christmas Song BOM is now available! It is a six month BOM, and although it is not yet on my website, it will be soon (pattern pack only)!
In the meantime, it is available from my etsy store or ebay store! Love that paypal account!!!!

If you are interested in a kit or BOM program, contact me and I will let you know of patchwork shops that will be running the program. 
P.S. Fairy Bears and Letters to Santa are also ready!!!! I just don't sleep!!!!

Beaconsfield part 2

Anemones in the garden! I don't know where they came from - they just appeared!
So did the tulips! Just appear, I mean! But I knew they were there, I had just forgotten about them. That's the beauty of Spring - you never know what's going to burst out of the ground!
Back to Beaconsfield - here is our stand - we made the most of the little space, and it worked out to be quite big enough for us!
"Letters to Santa" had its first showing in public - it was very popular. A pattern for Santa's placemat, a reindeer food sack, a pouch for mailing Santa's letters, Santa's secret key holder and a "Santa Welcome Here" wall hanging.
My little bookmarks created a lot of interest, with happy shoppers planning to make some for Christmas presents.
Ernie and his "New Best Friend" Gregory trying to look innocent - it didn't work with me. I caught Ernie on the bike in a "do not touch" display........
......then hiding in the laundry basket ......
....... then pretending he had been with Monty and Gregory the whole time!!!!!
Home just in time for tea. Pizza, wine and beer!
I'm hoping to get to Patchwork Passion one Saturday soon - to show off the new designs and maybe to demonstrate my applique/stitchery techniques.
P.S. It's not a restaurant. The reserved sign is a family joke. We like to eat our pizza at home - then we can't embarrass ourselves with melted cheese and tomato sauce on our elbows.........

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ernie meets Gregory at Beaconsfield

Ernie Dingle and Gregory have been internet friends for quite a while, but have never actually met ....... until Beaconsfield! I'm not sure that it was a good thing, meeting each other. You know what Ernie's behaviour is like. Well let me tell you, it was chaos!!!!!! Two peas in a pod when it comes to devilment!
Joan and I didn't know which way to turn - it was exhausting!
The Beaconsfield Quilt Exhibition, despite the two delinquents, was a wonderful day. A superbly run show, with a gorgeous display of quilts by the Beconsfield Guild. And I loved that they had a white-gloved lady at the end of each aisle to keep an eagle eye on the quilts.
There were little side displays, as you can see in the photos - someone is a very talented "window dresser"!
 That's Joan, one of the organisers, below in a candid shot - she doesn't really look that scarey!
 More quilts ........
.... and a lovely "picnic" display.
 Oh dear - the two terrors were caught jumping on the bed!
 Karen Martin looking extremely weird .........
Leonie and Bill West were there demonstrating their amazing rulers. I heard someone mutter, "I break cameras"!
And the lovely Margaret Rowe was there doing a book signing! If you haven't read any of her books you are missing out on a treat!!!!
I have more photos of the day to come, and also news of new designs!
P.S. Ernie and Gregory were so tired after their day of havoc!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Must Remember To Take Ernie

"Letters to Santa" is the name of one of my new designs - there are five projects in the one pack.
* Santa's placemat (photograph above)
* Santa's Secret Key
* Letters for Santa pocket
* Reindeer Food sack
* Santa Welcome Here wall hanging
The pattern will be available next week!
Off to Beaconsfield on Saturday for the Quilters Exhibition - it opens at 10am and I'll be there with my patterns! It is in the Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre, 8 O'Neil Road, Beaconsfield, Victoria.
All profits go to the local CFA.
P.S. I MUST remember to take Ernie Dingle. You know how uppity he gets if he misses out on anything. He just has to stick his little nose into everything. Quite annoying really!