Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fairy Bears

"Fairy Bears" - at the moment it's on the workbench, pins all over it, and I'm halfway through the quilting.
Did a bit at my quilting group today - it's so much nicer doing that sort of sewing when there are friends around. Sometimes I just sit there stitching and let the conversation wash over me - part of a group but enjoying the peace. Does that make sense?
Some close-ups of the fairies......
.......and flowers.
It is a five month "row of the month" - work that one out! A short program, and hopefully an economical one as well! I'm working on the pattern (extreme multi-tasking going on in the Teddlywinks household) and it will be available soon.
Here's a little tip for you - if you already do this, go and make yourself a cuppa .........
Do you have trouble with those pesky seams around the edge of your quilt that threaten to come undone before you have the borders added? I machine stitch across the seam - it is held nicely in place, it's flat, and there are no more loose stitches.
It even works for mitred corners.
Now I know it sounds terribly fussy, but my quilt tops take a lot of punishment - choosing borders, un-picking bits and changing them etc. This method sits nice and flat as well, holding the seam allowance in the desired position.
So I need all the help I can get! 
How's this for a photo - they are now 34 and 37 years old!!!!! 
Sue - guess where they are sitting!?!
Back to the drawing board......

P.S. The Olympics. 
I need to have my say. 
I'm not a sporty person but I love watching the Olympic and Commonwealth Games - must be a short attention span and the flitting from one event to another suits me just fine. However, the coverage has been appalling. Repeats and more repeats of interviews and also the last seconds of selected events. And the commentary - well the less said the better!
The athletes have so much pressure put on them to win gold - where's the enjoyment, and what happened to just doing your very best for your country?
There's also far too much emphasis on the medal tally. 
At the 1948 London Olympics, during the opening ceremony there was a billboard with these words displayed in full view as the Olympic flame was lit:
"The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. The essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well." (Baron de Coubertin)

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Sam Barry said...

What a beautiful quilt I love the fairy bears.