Friday, August 3, 2012

Christmas Song

It has been an "interesting" week to say the least! I had two deadlines to meet (with only a few day's notice}and there was NO WAY it was going to happen! 
Photos of quilts that I hadn't finished. 
Yes, you guessed it - no wadding, backing or quilting. The pics were taken of the tops only - it had to be done, like it or not!
"Christmas Song" (I can't say it's finally completed!) is my new six month BOM, made in Maywood Studio's Christmas Classics which should be around for at least eighteen months. 
The pattern will be available soon - I'm working as fast as I can!
This is a close-up of one of the blocks.
I really felt like madam Fairy Bear by the end of the week - just go away everyone and leave me alone!!!!!!
Lots of work to get through on the weekend, but I'll have respite at my quilting group tomorrow - although one of the items on my "take and do" list is to tackle the quilting of "Fairy Bears"!!!!!
P.S. Photos of "Fairy Bears" next time.

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