Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Opera House in a Different Light

Thought you'd like to see a very small part of the light show over the harbour and the Opera House.
If you look at each photo in sequence, you will see how the lights and patterns moved across the angles of the roof. 
A bit "Dr Who-ish" with the cracks appearing.........
And then the people appeared........
A long shot across the rooftops and water - very pretty.
This is why we didn't get much sleep - all this was going on under our bedroom window.
Below is our view of the street - Ernie loved it!
The buskers were really, really good.
Little girl dancing with gay abandon - she had a ball!
David went to the shops to buy earplugs.
I just slept on my good ear (I'm deaf in one ear). Didn't hear a thing!
But maybe it was the Toblerone Cocktail I had.
Kahlua, Tia Maria, Frangelico and cream .......
P.S. I'm going out tomorrow to buy the ingredients (if the plastic will stand up to that sort of spending.....!).

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Wendy said...

Hope the plastic allowed you to buy the ingredients - sounds yummy!!