Friday, June 8, 2012

Ernie's Working Weekend

One very excited little bear! Ernie's third plane trip! Why third, you might ask? 
He was born in China and flew to Ireland to live in Dingle, a little town on the west coast.
We found him in a tiny shop, looking forlorn, and so we adopted him and he flew back to Australia with us.
This is his third trip - to Sydney for the AQM (patchwork industry trade show).
We decided to stay at the airport hotel the night before the flight - here's Ernie plane-watching! 
Butterflies in his tummy on Friday morning - at departure. He couldn't wait to get on the plane and find his seat! Many attempts were made to entertain him, but he would keep wandering off - worse than a small child!
Found him just before we were about to call airport security - he had found some friends and lost track of both the time, and where he was!
An uneventful trip, except for the fact that I was asked to "step aside", and was scanned for possible explosive particles - do I look like a terrorist? David looks more suspicious than me! And as for Ernie - he could have been positively stuffed with questionable substances!
Finally arrived in Sydney.
Our stand before set-up. Very un-inspiring. Needed food first! 
Oh well, he found his place - with a good view of the goings on.
After set-up (which was a bit sparse due to limits in luggage, but I'll post photos of the stand soon), we toddled off for a bit of sight-seeing (when there's more appealing things to do it's amazing how quickly the tedious job of setting up can be achieved!).

Ernie and the coat hanger.
Ernie and that big thingy with the pointy bits.
Ernie all tuckered out in the hotel elevator. He slept well that night!
P.S. Light show over the Opera House at night - spectacular! Shots soon!

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