Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ernie in Sydney

Our hotel - the Holiday Inn in The Rocks - lovely hotel, but lots of street noise.
The rooftop pool was a drawcard for Ernie - a bad photo, but there he is, at the top end of the pool, in his speedos ready to jump in! Can you see him?
Fantastic views of the city lights.

Next morning - a hearty breakfast for a hungry bear.
Our stand at the show - display was a bit sparse, but we were limited with the luggage we could take on the flight. Next time I'll know to take more!

We overflowed into the quilt display stand next door which was rather good - eye catching!
Lynette Anderson stopped by to say hello to her little friend - she has a soft spot for Ernie.
But the weather was wet - we left Melbourne to escape the rain, but it wasn't to be! Poor Ernie - he just wanted to get outside!
Maybe next time Ernie!
P.S. The light show over the opera house next time.


Sam Barry said...

The stand looks amazing Lyn as does the hotel. Enjoy the rest of your working holiday.

Wendy said...

Oh I do so love Ernie's travel blog!! You all look like you had a wonderful time - even if the weather wasn't kind