Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christmas Song

I'm quite excited! Here are the lovely Maywood Studio fabrics (from the Christmas Classics range) that arrived in the mail from the distributors, Lloyd Curzon Textiles - I love getting parcels like this one!
They have given me inspiration! And it's nothing to do with bears!
The white with the red and green spots is the background for the applique and stitcheries - I have the ideas in my head - just have to get them out somehow!!!!
I can see the finished quilt - let's hope it works as I have pictured it!
I will be starting on the centre block tomorrow (providing all goes well in the "Shambles Family" household!).
We have an on-going saga of "The Blocked Storm Water Drain" which is continuing - Himself is trying to do as much of the work as he can, but there are limits, even for Super-Grandpa.
So far, the bill has been $175, plus another for $800 to repair the drain under the street footpath (which means that the footpath may have to be dug up).
The very well known company who built the house 28 years ago did a dodgy drainage job and it has been slowly deteriorating over the years. Heck!
In the meantime, we are putting up muck and filth in the carport.
Depressing really.
P.S. "Life is a roller coaster, just gotta ride it........"
P.P.S. Another poor little dead possum on the front lawn today. Bloody cats.


Sam Barry said...

Those fabrics are stunning, I love Christmas and Christmas fabrics. Can't wait to see what you create. Would love you to come and visit my blog I have a few Christmas stitches I have made as part of a Christmas swap that I do every year.
Happy stitching Liz and I hope your drain problems get fixed ASAP!!!!

TiramiSue said...

So will this one be ready for Christmas in July ? And it should be "Bloody Owners of said Cats". Just sayin!
Sue xxx

Wendy said...

Beautiful fabrics -- what a lovely parcel! Can't wait to see what you create x