Saturday, April 28, 2012


This is my big brother (he’s a bit bigger now!).
Here he is, with me in the pram, being a kind, considerate brother. Or was he plotting to get rid of me .........?
He’s a legend.
I have to tell you about him.
Bill (most people call him Max because our family name is Smart – I was 99 – we grew up in the sixties – “Get Smart” was on the telly – but now I’m rambling) is the sort of bloke who would go outside in the morning, sniff the air, and take off.
He'd "go bush".
And he could be up in the middle of the high country somewhere and meet someone who knows him!
He is a regular genius when it comes to repairs. If he can’t fix it in the conventional manner, he’ll invent a method.
I dropped my Grandma’s tiny toffee hammer on the tiles – broke the handle. I was devastated. Thought it was ruined! Bill to the rescue! Good as new (or should I say old).
We found a toy guitar in the op-shop for 50 cents. Perfect for Archie to make “music” (read: “noise”).
It needed batteries but the connections were eaten away by battery acid. Bill just happened to drop in that day, and he said, “Leave it with me”. So we did.
Result – guitar good as new! And very loud!
Bill was heard to mutter, “I never throw out ball point pen springs”. 
It’s his birthday on Tuesday.
Happy Birthday Bill!!!!!!!
Liz  XXX
P.S. (There’s always a P.S. in my blogs!)
We lost our younger brother, Bob, several years ago at the age of 49, and miss him dearly. Although we had the usual sibling quarrels, the three of us spent a lot of time together when we were young and enjoyed each other’s company so much. Enjoy your families - warts and all – they are very precious.
Here is one of our favourite photos of Bob.
Playing "Cowboys and Indians" on the workhorse!!!


Bronwyn said...

Hey Liz, Love reading about families. Your brother sounds like the kind to have around. I have a question.. What do you do with a toffee hammer?? Is it to break up "sheets" of toffee?

Susie said...

Lovely post