Saturday, April 14, 2012

No Excuse Now

No. There's no excuse now.
It's finished, and now I have surfaces!
David (what a legend!) made it out of recycled and new materials, so it has been a very affordable workbench!
The drawers are fantastic - perfect for fabrics, courtesy of my daughter-in-law's father who was a dental technician. They are from his lab.
Weep ladies! It's all mine!!!!! (I have been found guilty of disappearing into the workroom to stroke and caress the lovely smooth top - it will be so good for draping fabrics over, especially with the rounded edges.)
However, this means I have to get cracking on the new designs that are floating around in my head!
We love looking in the op-shop near us - all sorts of bargains beckon! We found some toy cars - this one was 50 cents and I've told Paul that he can't have it! (He's in a band and the guitar logo is his thing!)
P.S. New designs on the go - a fairy bear BOM, a collection of Christmas patterns and a new Christmas BOM, but don't hold your breath!


Sam Barry said...

Wow your new work bench looks amazing. I don't blame you I would be in there looking at it too it makes our crafting life so much easier when we have amazing spaces to work in. Can't wait to see the new designs either.

Maddy said...

Showed my Hubby your new work bench it looks amazing. Have laid down the law on what l want in my quilters Cave to make MY world run smoothly. Your area so lucky.
Looking forward to your new designs also.