Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Head in the Clouds and Nose in a Book and a Big Pile of Dirt

Well here it is - the finished self portrait.
Your task is to find the following:
1. Ten things to do with sewing.
2. The Welsh connection.
3. An outdoor pastime.
4. Something to represent family.
5. The Scottish connection.
6. The artists equipment.
7. It was designed for the people.
8. I like it spinning around in my head.
9. & 10. What I like when my nose is in it.
11. A little obscure, this one. So I'll take tiny photos and blog them next time. In the meantime, see if you can work out what the four little badges are - remember, I was a teenager in the sixties!
Now for the pile of dirt.
This is the neighbourhood pile of dirt. It tends to move around a bit. It has been in next door's back yard for probably 25 years. Over that time it has been chipped away at - for filling holes, leveling and garden beds.
Now we are the custodians!
Our neighbours had a little bit of excavation work done, and while the machine was on site, the communal dirt pile was moved over the fence so we now have something too back-fill behind our retaining walls!
This is what we are using it for.
David has started already - I'm putting lavender along part of the wall. Can't wait to start planting!
The pardelots are going to be very disgruntled when they come back to nest!
This is what will greet them.
Easter is looming - it's the time of year when we get into the garden and achievements occur of monumental proportions - such a good time of year - weather perfect!
P.S. And the best part is sitting outside at the end of the day, admiring our work, with a frosty beer for him and a glass of bubbly for me. Bliss!
P.P.S. David is attacking the workbench today - it means I have to move stuff. Lots of stuff. Must be time for a coffee!!!!

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