Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fed up, did you guess what the badges are and the AQC

I'm blogging because I'm fed up!
Yes - I had today planned to the last second.
Calculate "ingredients" for the workbench - for a trip to Bunnings tomorrow. Then design for the rest of the day.
But no - it wasn't going to happen!
Had to make up more patterns, and print more pre-printed stitcheries.
Time consuming.
I'm a designer - all I want to do at the moment is design.........
Is that too much to ask?
We have a trade show (QCE in Sydney) at the beginning of June - I need to get lots ready for that!
So. Here's a blog posting instead!
Here they are! The badges from the self portrait - the last one is a real giveaway.........
My favourite group of all time.........
.........yeah, yeah, yeah.........
.........yeah - you guessed it! The Fab Four!The Beatles! I grew up in the sixties - remember?
P.S. If you are in Melbourne on Thursday next (12th April - yes, I know, right in the middle of the school holidays.....) I will be at the AQC at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens. Meet me at The Patchwork Tea House stand.
P.P.S. Here's one last photo - it's so true what is said about expensive toys - give them a cardboard box any time!!!!!

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