Sunday, April 1, 2012

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More about Benalla - here's Jan's stand (GingerBears of Benalla). I was very taken with her range of bear mohairs - now I know where to go when I get around to making the grandboys their teddies!
David Short had the table next to us - here's Ernie with some of his restored dolls. David repairs dolls and let me tell you - he did a very brisk trade, and his work was fantastic! There was a never-ending stream of ladies having their old dolls fixed - new eyes, limbs re-attached, new hair. We watched (with some trepidation, I might add) when he cut open a plug in one unsuspecting doll's bottom, and thrust a hook (similar to a long crochet hook) up the hole, to find the workings inside that attach the arms and legs. There was a lot of "Ooooohing" and "Aaaarrrghing" going on, and much involuntary clenching of buttock muscles!!!!
David goes to lots of doll and bear shows, and he has a website which is worth a visit.
Ernie met up with his friends from Burgundy Raggies, another website worth looking at. We often see Sandra at the shows - we always enjoy a good natter! Can you find Ernie in the photo?
What's a teddy bear show without a bear wandering around entertaining the children?
Another stand we loved was Beth Grant's doll's houses. I just love a good doll's house.
She had a few different styles, all lovely, and the furniture was so cute!
I need a granddaughter!
Or do I? Do I need an excuse?
I just wanted to play all day.......
Beth can be contacted by phone on (mobile) 0407532652.
On the way home - water under the bridge at Bonnie Doon. This was one of my playgrounds when I was young - we had a boat and went fishing, swimming and "mucking about" in the paddocks.
Ernie was delighted to see so much water!

Next time you will get to see my self portrait!

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