Friday, March 9, 2012

No Pieces Missing

This is a very new event - on Sunday March 25th at St. Joseph's School Hall in Benalla - it will be a great day, organised by the very efficient Jan from GingerBears of Benalla. I will be there with my quilt patterns, some fabric, buttons, some specials such as ex-display quilts and framed stitcheries, and a few other bits and pieces - and I'll also be doing a demonstration of basic blanket stitch applique, for those of you who are new to quilting.
But a warning, once you begin to collect your stash and start putting together your first creation, you'll be forever hooked! It's addictive!
Speaking of putting together pieces, how's this for a lovely jigsaw?
Found in the op-shop, priced $1.50, and we have had so much fun putting it together.
1000 pieces, and the size is about 50cm X 70cm.
It has been on a table in a nice little corner, enticing anyone passing. Muttering has been heard - "I'll just do a little bit more....."! And another family member disappears for a while.
Now to select another jig saw from our pile of op-shop finds.
P.S. Is it a patchwork thing? Do patchworkers in general like jigsaws?

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