Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Bookmarks! For bookworms like me! I have completed two new patterns, "Bookmarks" (below), and "More Bookmarks" (above). And not a bear in sight!
The patterns are not on the website yet, but in the meantime, I'm only a phone call, email or fax away.
Or you could try my ebay store where all my designs are available at regular prices, as well as discontinued patterns at cheaper prices.
We were out walking with the Pasta Kid a couple of evenings ago - it was the council's hard rubbish collection week, all sorts of interesting rubbish stacked on nature strips up and down the roads.
I spied some "garden embellishments", ie. two metal long-legged storky-type birds.
But no heads.
David and pram kept on walking. He doesn't like to be seen fossicking in refuse.
Then I saw the heads.
"Can we fix these?" He said "No", and kept walking, faster this time.
So I left them behind.
The next morning we were once again out walking, early this time and without Archie.
I managed to steer us (without him noticing) past the same pile of rubbish and the birds were still there.
"We can fix these - I played with mechano when I was little. I know how nuts and bolts work....." were my words.
"If you think so", he muttered whilst picking up speed.
So there we were, him 6 walking meters in front, me bringing up the rear with a bird under each arm and a head in each hand.
They are now on my workbench in the shed awaiting an operation to restore their dignity!
What a great find!
And Archie is still sitting in the box.
Wait until he sees the cardboard roll I have for him - great for rolling cars through.


Tatkis said...

Adorable bookmarks!
And Archie looks so sweet :)


Outback Craftaholic said...

Your book marks are gorgeous Liz. Can't wait to have a go at them. Tracy (Outback Craftaholics)