Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ghastly Mistake

Many, many apologies to everyone who has purchased "Created with Love" - there is a mistake in the fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the 122 squares.

On the back cover of the pattern, about halfway down, it should read:

10cm each of eight assorted fabrics for the 3" squares (NOT 2 ½" squares) total of 122 squares.

On page 2, just after the Block 5 border instructions, it should read:

Cut 3" (NOT 2 ½") squares from the eight assorted fabrics, 122 in total.(Continue with the remaining instructions, substituting the 2 ½" squares with the 3" squares.)

Finding mistakes in my patterns is very upsetting for me - I like to have happy customers and I can only say, once again, my apologies, and I hope no-one has been inconvenienced by this mistake!

Aaaaaargh!!!!!! What a drama!!!!!


P.S. My thanks to Lillian of Esmes in Kings Meadows, Tasmania for letting me know! Thanks Lillian.

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