Saturday, January 21, 2012

Secret Stitcher's Business

Have a look at the Country Hart Designs website - this is a link to Robyn's Secret Stitcher's Business page. (If this link doesn't work, look in the information section on her home page where you'll find a drop-down tab with the link to the Secret Stitcher's Business page.)
It's a fantastic program where you sign on for a project of the month, over ten months, and you will have no idea what the project is until you receive it in the mail! Just like having a birthday!
Robyn has managed to rope in popular Aussie designers (including Moi!) to create exclusive designs for her program! Each one different. At the end of the ten months you should have ten delightful, fully completed items!
Here is a small snapshot of the fabrics I'm using - but, shhh!!! It's a secret! That's all you're getting a glimpse of until my contribution is unveiled in June!!!!
P.S. I'm still avoiding the self portrait!
P.P.S. Shoot over to Tiramisue's blog (link on the sidebar) to see what she's up to - fish, feet and self portrait!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Avoiding the Self Portrait

I'm finding lots of trivial, mundane, boring things to do like looking for cobwebs (who actually looks for cobwebs?). It's because my quilting group has been issued a challenge by Tiramisue.
A 20" square quilt.
Subject matter? A self portrait.
I'm avoiding it.
I'm putting off starting.
It has to be completed by the end of February.
So I'm blogging quilt labels.
Of course!
This is how I like to make my quilt labels.
Hop onto your computer and choose a nice font.
Type out your message and play with the setting out and size of the words until you "like what you see".
I usually make the title a little larger than the rest of the message.
You can type as much or as little as you like.
Another idea is to trace a small design feature from the quilt and embroider it into the label.
Some of my labels are a little more detailed than these, but I couldn't be bothered going through the cupboard to find them ....... however, it seems a better option than the self portrait .......
P.S. Dearest Sue ....... it will happen. I don't know when, but it will happen .......